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About Us

The technical information concerning our works
in the field of Software Industry.

C-EXINS Blockchain department,


The Promise

This directly translates to improved productivity and the lowering of the cost for our work. Quality is the umbrella activity that we apply beyond the software engineering life cycle – it’s how we run our whole business.

We know that quality does not come cheaply. However, we also believe in giving our clients Value for money. We follow the simple premise that the quality of the engineer correlates directly to the quality of the solutions.

We expect to build client confidence through communication and visibility. For these reasons we do not compete on price alone; our mission is to compete on the basis of success and client satisfaction.

The Process

Our object oriented analysis and design methods enable the solution implementations’ to blend seamlessly into their roles in the SDLC. A well-defined medium of communication ensures zero conflicts in specifications.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Testing & Integration

Freedom with responsibility provides high levels of productivity and promise creativity. Change Control Management keeps the teams synchronized in harmony. No software solution can be regarded as complete without going through the rigors of testing.

Software Testing Life Cyble (STLC)

Requirment Analysis
Test Planning
Test Case Development
Test Environment Setup
Test Execution
Test Cycle closure

Our software development process offers extremely diverse testing methods that test unit integrity, system integrity, stress conditions, load conditions, proper integration, validation, and regression through path analysis techniques, simulations, automated testing utilities, etc.

We do not just claim develop solutions, we ensure that our intent is backed by proactive actions

hence our SDLC models:


Odeonus Scrum Agile Mehtodology


Odeonus DevOps

Continuous Integration (CI)
Continuous Delivery (CD)
Incremental Development (ID)
Monitoring and Logging
Communication and Collaboration

Benefits of DevOps:

Fast Delivery
Improved Collaboration

Our Core Concepts

Data & Process Modeling Database Clustering + Partitioning
Object Oriented Analysis & Design Multi-Tier Application Development
OLAP & Data Mining Fault Tolerant Architecture Design

Tools & Technologies

Environmental Technologies

Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Microsoft Windows 8, 10 Microsoft Internet Information Server
Microsoft Windows 2012 Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Apache Server
Microsoft Windows 2016 Server Microsoft Content Management Server

GUI Development Technologies

XML JavaScript PHP
Microsoft .NET (ASP, VB, C#, VC++) REST API

Business Logic Development Technologies

C/C++ ISAPI, IMAPI, ITAPI, MSMQ Android Technologies
Microsoft VC++ (ATL, MFC, COM/DCOM, MTS) Component Services iOS Technologies
Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP, VB) Mobile Technologies PHP

Database Development Technologies

Microsoft SQL Server PostgreSQL
Oracle Data Services (ADO, XML)

Testing Technologies

Rational Visual Test
Web Load
Win Runner

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